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Pink Sugar

In 2013 I obtained my

GCCF Prefix Domina-Katz.

I have been a hobby breeder of

British Shorthairs & now

The Old Style Siamese. My next venture later in the year will be the inclusion of

Suffolk Cats.

My Siamese are all PRA Negative.

My household is FIV/FeLV clear.
I am based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, 🇬🇧 


Proud member of The Old Style Siamese Club.

Welcome to Domina-Katz
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Pink Sugar

Animal Welfare
The Five Freedoms

 I promise to abide by the freedoms by ensuring my cats have;

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst. It is crucial that animals always have fresh water available, as well as a suitable diet that keeps them healthy and energetic.

  • Freedom from discomfort. 

  • Freedom from pain, injury or disease. 

  • Freedom to express normal behaviour. 

  • Freedom from fear and distress.

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