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Stud Cat Floyd Blue point Siamese
Bonnie & Zelda Chocolate point Siamese

Welcome to our esteemed website, where feline enthusiasts are welcomed into the world of purebred excellence. As proud holders of a GCCF prefix Domina-Katz, we uphold the highest standards of breeding integrity and dedication to the Siamese cat breed. At Poussey Cat Palace, we are passionate about preserving the pedigree lineage of these majestic cats, ensuring each kitten embodies the finest qualities of their breed. With meticulous care and attention to detail, we raise our cats in a loving environment, nurturing their distinctive personalities and unique characteristics. Explore our website to discover the beauty and elegance of our GCCF pedigree Siamese cats, and embark on a journey of feline companionship like no other.

Our household is FIV/FeLV clear.

Our Siamese are all PRA Negative.

My name is Helen & ​we are based in the seaside town of

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk,

United Kingdom.


Cat Diploma Buisness Certificates

Welcome to Poussey Cat Palace

Siamese Lydia Original Queen
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