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Lisa - January 2022 I’ve been owned by Siamese cats for many years. After loosing 2 of our much loved modern Siamese within 11 months of each other it took us a while to decide we wanted another kitten. At the start of 2020 I was specifically looking for a old style chocolate point Siamese. I had contacted many breeders who hadn’t any current or expected litters, I had almost given up hope of finding one. I put a post on a Traditional Siamese lovers page asking for recommendations for traditional Siamese breeder and Helen messaged me back. Helen has the most beautiful Chocolate point female ( Lydia ) who was expecting and I expressed an interest in future kittens at that point. I was lucky enough to be able to have the pick of Lydia’s 1st litter and I chose my boy within days of the kittens being born. We picked his name and we knew that he would be familiar with his name from very early on. From the very start I have had excellent communication and loads of photos, videos and updates. Nothing was too much trouble and I soon discovered I had found another like minded crazy cat lady ( meant in the most positive way ). The love and care of her cats is very clear to see, from the sleepless nights to the attention to detail. Each kitten was given everything they could possibly have needed. I was aware of every 1st stage, my children and I were able to feel like we knew our new boys personality thanks to the detailed updates. I felt very confident in the knowledge Helen has about her cats and their care and wellbeing is always at the forefront of her mind. I was able to ask questions and get advice from day one. I was kept informed of the weight and growth after each vet check and was reassured that the kittens were the healthiest they could possibly be. The kittens were house trained, well handled and exposed socially to household noise and life as much as possible. Lydia was a very attentive mother and she was given the most amazing care. The arrangements for kitten pick up ( during lockdown in the middle of the National pandemic, so we hadn’t been able to visit prior ) were as safe as they could be and we were able to spend time getting to know our new kitten without feeling in the way or rushed before we made the long journey home with our beautiful and much loved new kitten. He coped fantastically with the long car journey home and settled in immediately with my dogs and our existing seal point girl. We are very proud owners of a confident, happy and very friendly Siamese. Gus is the most beautiful and loving boy we have ever owned. I have kept in touch with Helen and sent regular updates and photos of our most stunning chocolate point boy. When we discovered that Lydia was expecting again with a litter from the very same father as Gus we felt it would be the perfect addition to our family and we decided to choose a seal boy. In January 2022 we picked up our new boy who we named Wilf, he immediately settled in with his adoring big brother Gus and we have been absolutely thrilled with their amazing bond from the start. Both of my boys are big and very healthy, they both have been neutered and have remained as cuddly and friendly as they were from the day we picked them up. I am absolutely positive we will add another of Helens beautiful traditional Siamese kittens to our family in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Old Style Domina-Katz to anyone who is looking for the most perfect Siamese kitten. I look forward to watching how each of Helens kittens progresses and always feel jealous of all of the lucky owners of the newest additions.

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