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Floyd Siamese Stud boy



Floyd, the dashing blue point Siamese stud, is a majestic presence in our lives, embodying strength, beauty, and charm in equal measure. With his striking silver-blue coat and piercing azure eyes that seem to hold the secrets of the universe, he exudes an air of confidence and allure that captivates all who meet him. Floyd's regal stature and commanding presence make him a natural leader among his feline peers, and his gentle yet assertive nature earns him the respect and admiration of all who encounter him. As a stud, Floyd's lineage and breeding prowess are unmatched, producing offspring of exceptional quality and temperament. Yet, beyond his impressive pedigree, Floyd is also a devoted companion, showering his family with affection and loyalty each day. With Floyd by our side, we are reminded of the beauty and power that can be found in the bond between human and feline, making him not just a stud, but a cherished member of our family.

Blue point Siamese
Floyd the blue point Siamese in a Christmas coat
Siamese Floyd under the Christmas tree
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