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Suffolk Cat History

Early this century, a group of breeders in England again began trying to recreate the vision of the early Havana breeders. They made good progress in isolating the chocolate genetics and were consistently producing chocolate, lilac and pointed kittens. In 2011 a registered Havana Brown was imported from Europe and bred back to their Havana orientals. This cats contribution, along with selective breeding for type, began to direct the look of some English Havanas away from its Oriental siblings, and moved them more in the direction of the Havana Brown. In June 2014 under the breed name Suffolk, this cat gained recognition by the GCCF. The alternative name was used because the GCCF uses the name Havana to refer to a self chocolate Oriental Shorthair, from which they wished to be distinguished. Although a Havana Brown is used in the breeding program of the Suffolk, they are not to be confused as the same breed. The Suffolk is much closer to the Chestnut/Havana Oriental than to the Havana Brown.

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